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Our Process

Medical Benefits

Cannabis has the opportunity to heal the world with solutions to some of the most complex and elusive human health issues.

Healing an Industry

No one should be denied access to the purest high-quality cannabis because it is prohibitively expensive.

Accessibility for All

We are out to change a century of misguided laws and to bring this valuable product to market responsibly.

Ongoing Research & Development

We have assembled a remarkable team to develop and implement the most advanced cultivation and production methods. Drawing on their deep expertise, knowledge of traditional growing methods, and an understanding of leading-edge technology, the team is taking its place in the vanguard of the industry. They have created a unique seed-to-sale business model that will ensure quality and purity at each stage of the process. And the team will continue to explore and evolve best practices.


Strong, healthy plants thrive in rich, biodiverse soil. Six to nine months prior to planting, we introduce complex microbial cultures native to the local area into the soil. We test our soil periodically for heavy metals and other contaminants, ensuring a clean, robust medium for plant growth. Over time, this evolves into a nourishing soil food web–a critical component of a resilient indoor ecosystem able to hold its own against harmful, intrusive pathogens and pests.


A one-size-fits-all approach to climate management is ill-advised when caring for a wide variety of strains under one roof. Our dynamic, comprehensive climate control system mimics nature’s fluctuations and maintains optimal growth conditions specific to each strain with surgical precision, integrating and balancing temperature, light, humidity, CO2 levels, VPD, and other key variables. It adjusts to and flows with changes in the external environment, much like a self-driving car. With a system capable of targeting and maintaining a specific VPD, and tracking minute shifts down to the temperature of individual leaves, it’s much easier to provide each strain with an environment that feels like home.  


We optimize our water supply to create the ideal vehicle for plant hydration and nutrient absorption. To avoid contaminants, we start with purified water, which we enrich with minerals that promote plant health. Each plant receives the right amount of water, ensuring perfect soil saturation and a healthy soil food web with minimal to no nutrient or water waste.