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Inventory at individual facilities may vary. Must be 21+ to order. These products contain THC and should be kept away from children. 

The Hub Craft is working with Paul Pierce, aka ‘The Truth’ to provide his brand TRUTH34 to the Massachusetts cannabis market. The brand will include flower, vapes, bubble hash, pre-rolls, and edibles.

“I am excited to be part of The Hub Craft and the TRUTH34 brand coming to Massachusetts. We have a variety of products lined up for the future and this is an exciting time in our lives to be in this industry. Get ready Massachusetts, because TRUTH34 is coming to several dispensaries within your state,” says Pierce, who is also an investment partner in Hub Craft’s Holyoke dispensary. “Paul’s personal battle with anxiety motivated him to create this premium brand,” states Shivani Dallas, Chief Strategy Officer / The Hub Craft. “He was determined to avoid prescription drugs and knew that there was a better alternative to battle the sleep deprivation and anxiety he was personally facing! Paul has spent years perfecting his strain in his southern California Cultivation facility. Our organization is very enthusiastic to be working with Paul because he is hands-on when it comes to product development.”

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