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Emma and Clyde

Emma and Clyde

The Hub Craft is honored to be able to offer Whoopi Goldberg’s brand “Emma & Clyde” to the state of Massachusetts. Dispensaries throughout the state will have pre-rolls, flower, vapes, and edibles from the health-conscious brand “Emma & Clyde”.

“I am thrilled to be working with the Hub Craft and see the great response from the MA dispensaries about this collaboration with The Hub Craft,” says Goldberg. “Whoopi Goldberg’s newest foray into the cannabis space has her paired with The Hub Craft to bring WHOOPFAM to the forefront, along with their signature brand Emma & Clyde. This top tier brand will include edibles, vapes, pre-rolls, flower, accessories as well as Award-Winning strains and recipes,” states Shivani Dallas, Chief Strategy Officer / The Hub Craft. “Our organization is honored to announce Ms. Goldberg as the first of many celebrities in collaboration with The Hub Craft.”

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