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The Hub Craft

GreenhouseThe March to go Greener

The March to go Greener

To kick off the year Greenhouse Grower posted an article challenging the cannabis industry to get greener. At The Hub Craft going green is not just an environmental decision, we understand that it is the pinnacle of our craft. But what does it really mean to go green? We define going green as becoming as regenerative as possible. This translates to creating living systems based on successful natural patterns. At The Hub Craft we take this permaculture-based mentality seriously, the goal is to create an abundance in everything we do and to make sure that anything that leaves our facility improves the conditions of the community.

Being regenerative starts from the ground up at The Hub Craft with things like a cogeneration natural gas power plant at our Fitchburg facility, or planting native plants around our facilities for wildlife to eat so that they come and fertilize our landscape. Having a regenerative mentality changes the lens in which we see our communities, you begin to see how everything is connected. Whether we are working with others to reduce our carbon footprint through more efficient energy creation or adding carbon to the soil as the animals help us grow our landscaping, either way we are working with our community to make our little piece of land the best it can be, and that is our definition of regenerative.

Our Design

From the inside out we designed systems that will have closed loops to reduce our energy usage. Our LED lighting technology is water cooled and is able to transfer heat throughout the building so that we are recycling the byproduct of heat from the fixtures. Almost 100% of our humidity is reclaimed and returned to our irrigation reservoirs, massively reducing our water consumption. Excess growth from our plants is fermented into fertilizers and returned to the soil. This closed loop dramatically reduces our need for the transportation infrastructure most commercial growers depend upon to get their inputs. Even our landscaping is contributing to our energy savings by providing plants that we use in creating plant immunity support and pest protection, making a huge impact not only in reducing transportation costs but also reducing pesticides, herbicides and fungicides reaching our local water supply.

These few examples demonstrate the closed loop thinking that we utilize to take our craft of cannabis production to higher levels, creating meaningful relationships with the members of our community. Human, plant or animal, The Hub Craft sincerely strives to provide benefit for all forms of life because we know this is the natural path to abundance. An abundance of high quality cannabis, an abundance of high quality employees, and an abundance of thoughtfulness for our neighborhood, the list could go on and on but I think you get the idea. We at The Hub Craft approach our craft in this way to encourage others to adopt regenerative practices so that we all can learn how to create abundance together in ways that offer each of us individual fulfilment. So regardless who we find in political office from year to

year, this regenerative approach is the way we push regulation to a place that is helpful to our land and that grows into abundance for our families and friends