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News & Blog

“The Glove” is back in Massachusetts, but this time instead of playing point guard, he’ll be working with us to bring his brand “Payton’s Place” to dispensaries all over Massachusetts. “Massachusetts, I am so thrilled to bring my custom strains, vapes, and edibles to you. Payton’s Place is a top-shelf product and I am excited […]

“I am thrilled to be working with the Hub Craft and see the great response from the MA dispensaries about this collaboration with The Hub Craft,” says Goldberg. “Whoopi Goldberg’s newest foray into the cannabis space after the groundbreaking Whoopi & Maya, has her paired with The Hub Craft to bring WHOOPFAM to the forefront, […]

To kick off the year Greenhouse Grower posted an article challenging the cannabis industry to get greener. At The Hub Craft going green is not just an environmental decision, we understand that it is the pinnacle of our craft. But what does it really mean to go green? We define going green as becoming as […]