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About The Grow

Pure. Clean. Natural.

We encourage nature to thrive better by aligning with it. Not by coaxing it to grow unnaturally with chemicals that eventually find its way to the people we serve, but by giving the plant an ecosystem where it can thrive. A facility that is intentionally built for these plants, and an ecosystem that was intentionally nurtured, to help nature create its best work.


We’ve developed and implemented operations with an eye toward energy efficiency, minimal waste, and environmental accountability.  

Our highly-sensitive, nimble approach to climate management integrates multiple variables crucial to climate control, adapting and flowing as one with changes in surroundings. This expends far less energy than dueling, separate systems, with each expending additional energy course-correcting and overcompensating to wrestle the environment into ideal conditions.  

An integrated system also allows for smart and seamless resource conservation. Our LED lighting system is designed to repurpose excess heat and funnel it into dehumidification and temperature control. 

Additionally, our dehumidification system pulls moisture out of the air, and feeds it back through water purification and mineralization for our plants to enjoy. In fact, 90% of the water at our facilities is reclaimed, purified, and reused appropriately.

Finally, we protect and enhance the local ecosystem by using soil cultivation methods that benefit the immediate environment. By enriching our soil with native biomatter and microbial cultures, we’ve created a nutrient-dense medium that’s great for our plants and local flora alike.  

Our team’s commitment to sustainable, community-focused cultivation practices has made The Hub Craft eligible for energy efficiency incentives from the state of Massachusetts.  


A former paper mill, our 55,000 square-foot Fitchburg facility dates back to 1904, and brings charm, character, and most importantly, the unparalleled structural integrity and longevity characteristic of historic buildings. We’re excited about preserving this slice of Fitchburg history and bringing it into its 21st century iteration.

The third-largest city in Worcester County, Fitchburg is located in the geographic heart of Massachusetts. It offers a local economy on the rise and a supportive business tax structure, with no municipal taxes on cultivation and a small 1.25% community impact fee. 

The site itself provides original flooring ideal for high density growing as well as the exceptional power reliability we need to sustain consistent operations. 

A nearby train station accommodates team members’ transportation needs, and the site’s proximity to an airport allows superior access to utilities and emergency services.

Pure. Clean. Natural.

We have combined ancient wisdom and modern technology in a seed-to-sale model that will become the new standard for the industry.


Continuous Improvement

Both plants and people deserve an environment conducive to growth. To that end, The Hub Craft champions a company culture that prioritizes and rewards ongoing research and development. We take smart, passionate people and provide them with tangible training and support needed to inspire advancement, excellence, and innovation in their areas of expertise.


Natural Wellness

Cannabis has the opportunity to heal the world with solutions to some of the most complex and elusive human health issues. Some of its medical benefits are well-known, including effectiveness in treating anorexia, nausea, vomiting, pain, muscle spasms, and glaucoma. It even represents a safe alternative to dangerous opioids in managing pain.